Meet Tara
Meet Tara

Tara's story

Tara was living in a women’s refuge and had started attending alcohol recovery groups when she first heard about On My Feet.

Tara has achieved incredible results since joining On My Feet. A once socially anxious person, Tara has again found employment and her self-belief.

By having accountability of running each week and the support and encouragement to keep coming back… it’s what gives me structure and direction.

On My Feet is incredibly proud of Tara and the example she has set for others in difficult circumstances to stand up and take control of their lives.

I would love for people to come down and give it a go…not just one session, but come down for at least a month and see how they feel. My social anxiety made me want to leave, but the running made it all okay. I remember feeling supported the whole time.

Since being involved with OMF, Tara has:

  • Moved out of accommodation at a women’s refuge
  • Addressed significant mental health issues.
  • Secured employment.
  • Travelled internationally and domestically.
  • Completed several marathons, including the Melbourne Marathon, as well as half marathons and several trail distance events.
  • Undertaken a formal yoga training qualification.
  • OMF role model and mentor.