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There are many great ways that you or the organisation you work for can partner with On My Feet to deliver meaningful social change.
Make a Donation
Make a Donation

Every bird without a nest costs over $30,000 per year. You can change that by donating as little as $200. No investment manager will deliver you that return on investment. Play an integral part in changing someone’s life today.

Make a Donation
Corporate sponsorship and job placements
Corporate sponsorship and job placements

Your CSR starts at home-lessness

We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill

Organisations play a unique role within community because of their ability to provide employment that sustains families, allocate capital and resources to deliver returns to shareholders, invest in research and development that leads to innovation that enhances standards of living as well as delivering products and services that people need.

But above all else, organisations have the ability to lead by example and give in a way that shapes the hearts and minds of all of their stakeholders and creates a stronger, happier, healthier society.

On My Feet’s world first Footsteps Program works on the ethos of a hand up rather than a hand out and we invite you to play an important role in being a positive force for change by creating self-sufficiency for the most vulnerable in our society.

The average homeless person costs the Australian community $30,000 a year, every year. On My Feet creates self-sufficiency for a homeless person for $7,500, once.

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Work Experience and Employment

The challenge faced by homeless people looking for work is that they often miss out on a role to candidates with more experience and better qualifications.

On My Feet was founded on the premise that regular endurance running could demonstrate the attitude and attributes that employers look for – commitment, perseverance, resilience, motivation, determination and a positive attitude – and that these attributes were more important than skills which could be trained. Personal experience reaffirmed the view that hiring people with the right skills and wrong attitude and attributes never ended well whereas hiring those with the right attitude and attributes was almost always a positive experience.

If your organisation is looking for committed, motivated, determined people with a positive, can do attitude – and maybe a new found addiction to endurance running – then we’d love to hear from you.

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Experiencing homelessness? Participate in our Programs

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If you are dealing with or at risk of homelessness we’d love to hear from you. Our world first self-sufficiency program works with individuals to create self-sufficiency through a unique combination of exercise, education and employment.

Join a community of passionate, caring individuals who are committed to helping you reconnect with family, friends and community while helping you to become the best version of yourself. Join On My Feet today!

We meet at the following locations:


Walking Group: Tuesday, 7AM from the Beacon.

Exercise Group: Tuesday and Thursday 6 – 7 PM, Wellington Square, Wellington Street East Perth – near the basketball hoops.

Footsteps Program: Monday’s 7pm – 9pm at The Platform, Adelaide Terrace, East Perth.

The first Tuesday of each month there is also a run from The Running Centre, 1/1273 Hay St, West Perth WA 6005.

If you are located at a shelter please ask them about On My Feet or you can contact us by phone or email here.


Walking Group: Mondays at 8:30-9:30 from St Pats.

If you are located at a shelter please ask them about On My Feet or you can contact us by phone or email here.


Walking Group: Tuesday at 4pm and Friday 5pm at Fitzroy Gardens.

Exercise Group: Tuesday’s 4pm and Friday’s at 5pm at the North Melbourne Community Centre.

Footsteps Program: Wednesday’s 6pm – 8pm at the North Melbourne Community Centre.

If you are located at a shelter please ask them about On My Feet or you can contact us by phone or email here.

Frequently asked questions

What is Run with On My Feet?

Run with On My Feet is a virtual 5KM, 10KM or 21KM run or walk taking place anywhere, anytime between 6-8 August with 100% of participant registration fees going towards supporting the work of On My Feet

How does a virtual race work?

Once you’re entered, all you need to do is pick a time between 6-8 August to record your run. You can also choose the location, stay close to home or explore a new route. No start or finish lines and definitely no queues for the bathroom.

When will the Virtual Run take place?

Anywhere, anytime between 6-8 August. Log your run or walk and upload to social media with #RunwithOMF

How do I track and record my run?
  1. If you don’t have a GPS watch then you will need to download an activity tracker on your smartphone such as Strava, Map My Run or Runkeeper. Each of these platforms are free to create an account
  2. Find a time between 6-8 August to record and complete your registered distance
  3. Title your activity ‘Run with On My Feet – Finisher!’
  4. Take a screenshot of your activity and share to Instagram or Facebook tagging @onmyfeet and #RunwithOMF
  5. Also, join the On My Feet Strava Club: https://www.strava.com/clubs/onmyfeetand your activity will appear on our Club page
Will all of my registration fee be donated to On My Feet?

Yes. Run with On My Feet is being co-ordinated internally by a team of volunteers with all proceeds to go to On My Feet’s programs and operations.

Will I receive a race bib in the post?

To ensure your full registration is used to support someone experiencing homelessness, we will not be issuing and posting individual race bibs. Instead, you can purchase our socks here: https://www.onmyfeet.org.au/social-products/

Can I take part with friends?

Of course, but please continue to observe social distancing measures relevant to your location at the time of the event.

My running club would like to get involved, is this possible?

Great idea. Feel free to integrate Run with On My Feet with your weekend club run to add some variety and competition with participants starting at the same time location. With three distances to choose from, there is a distance for all speeds and abilities.

My company would like to register a team, how can we do this?

Sure. For more information, please email handup@onmyfeet.org.au and we’ll take you through the steps to register a corporate team.

To ensure 100% of your registration is donated to On My Feet we will not be issuing and posting individual race bibs.

I’m not living in Australia, but I would still like to take part. Is this possible?

Of course – that is the beauty of a virtual event. We would love to see international participation.

Experiencing homelessness? Participate in our Programs

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Stay fit while you help the homeless

You and your organisation can contribute to community by volunteering time to walk, run or mentor a homeless participant at On My Feet. From as little as 1 hour of time per week this is a great way for you to get physically and mentally fit while helping vulnerable members of society do the same.

Meet Alex, Lead Exercise Coach Perth

Volunteering with On My Feet means a great deal to our team and is an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience. Volunteering provides an opportunity to volunteer time and effort into an organisation and area that they feel passionately about. Volunteers develop friendships, broaden their views and education on the complex issue of homelessness, deepen their connection with the local community, and often train up for and complete a half or full marathon!

The thing that On My Feet volunteers love the most is meeting new people. Everyone’s background is different and most people are very interesting with a story to tell. Both through the participants and volunteers that engage with On My Feet, volunteers meet new people all the time, build relationships and often friendships. This is often cited as the most enjoyable aspect of the role.

To anyone considering volunteering with On My Feet: Do it, you have so much to gain.

The skills of being able to listen and communicate, understanding people’s path to homelessness, and friendships it provides really do show how much this experience enriches the lives of On My Feet volunteers.