On My Feet is transforming lives.

We provide pathways to education and employment for those dealing with or at risk of homeless based on their commitment to running with us.

Consider this

  1. Australia’s homeless population can fill the MCG.
  2. Each homeless person costs Australia $45,000p.a.
  3. Homelessness is not a life choice, it’s a circumstance they find themselves in.
    It can happen so quickly, so easily and so tragically.
  4. The average Australian is only 6weeks away from homelessness at any one time.
  5. The life expectancy of a long term homeless person is 45.

Those dealing with homelessness seek self worth, a sense of purpose and self sufficiency. Just like we do.

Those dealing with homelessness need a hand up, not a hand out.

Running has the power to do that; the power to change everything….

to create self worth through positive reinforcement and being part of a community

to create a sense of purpose through goal races and the prospect of education and employment

to create self sufficiency based on us introducing them to potential employers and education programs when they achieve 90% attendance.

Why? Because 90% requires determination, discipline, perseverance, commitment and a positive attitude.

These are the ingredients for success in life.

Running is a great metaphor for life…you get out of it what you put in. Our participants have put in a lot and are now leaders within their community. Shining examples of what is possible.

We have many inspiring stories, but the bottom line is this: Every bird without a nest costs $45,000p.a. For $200 we change that. No investment manager delivers that return on investment. If they did you’d give them your life savings.

Forget your life savings for a moment; On My Feet is about saving their lives.