Fundraising: Berlin Marathon 2018

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Evan Ledger and Rob Debenham are getting on their feet to raise funds for On My Feet. Together, they are running the Berlin Marathon in September 2018.


Why are you running the Berlin marathon?
Evan & Rob: Its not everyday you get an opportunity to raise awareness and money for such a great cause, coupled with the experience of running a marathon in a country neither of us have ever been to before.
On My Feet exists to transform lives for those living at risk of homelessness. It provides pathways to improved employability through skills development and work experience opportunities based on a commitment to fitness and running.
What will inspire you to keep pushing through the pain as you train?
Evan & Rob: Feels like we are making the most of the opportunities we are being given. Knowing that we are lucky enough to be in a position like this, living where we do, healthy and fit. The thought of what we are doing helping out those in need. The finish line in Berlin.
What drew you into doing this for On My Feet?
Evan & Rob: It is just such a great cause. We are both studying architecture, designing places for people to live in and the thought of being able to help the homeless get back on their feet and eventually into there own home is something we would love to be apart of.
Running is a great way to stay physically and mentally healthy. The sessions that OMF enable those that suffer from homeless to come together and make a positive impact on one another. It is a different platform of helping.
How would you describe your running experience?
Evan & Rob: Minimal, say no more. We surf and skate, surely it can’t be that much harder. Regardless, we are going to train as hard as we can and give it a crack!
What would you say to people thinking about donating?
Evan & Rob: Donations help transform the lives of those living in peril. You can change someone’s life.
It costs $200 to sponsor a participant through the On My Feet program. This amount allows for:
· The purchase of running shoes and equipment.
· Mentorship under health professionals.
· Regular health check ups.
· Regular food and beverages needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle.
There are many other ways to help.
· $10 can provide a meal for someone who would other wise go hungry
· $20 can assist with community engagement. It can fund a soccer ball that is used to provide alternative forms of exercise.
· $50 can assist with purchasing a pair of running shoes.
· $100 can help send one of our participants to the marathon of their choice
Every little bit helps.
We can’t even imagine what it would be like to not have a place to call home, can you? OMF is 100% no-for profit and every donation will go a long way in helping those in need get back on there feet.

Why is Evan so special (as told by Rob) Best thing about him? His golden curly locks and luscious sideburns. He is always such positive and fun person to be around. He can turn a bad situation into a positive!
His most annoying habit? He has always got a serious case of the giggles.
Why are you sharing this experience with him? He will be an awesome person to share this experience with, we are good mates and have similar views. From training through to the Marathon, he will promote motivation and positivity, along with the fact that he always puts others first.Rob&Evan
Why is Rob so special (as told by Evan) Best thing about him? His good looks and can grow a cool moustache. We get on very well; we share a lot of the same interests and enjoy each other’s company.
His most annoying habit? Throws great parties when I’m away.
Why are you doing this with him? We are both into doing things for others and when we came across the opportunity to do this it was something we couldn’t miss, we both agree its something well be remembering for a long time.
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